What You Receive


The programme has been developed to be clearly accountable. Stockowners are charged and graziers are paid on performance.


Growth rates are monitored on a regular basis and reports after each weighing are provided to the stockowner and the grazier. We have a comprehensive database, which tracks the progress of individual animals including the monitoring of the animal's weight and animal health records. Electronic EID tags are used and these are scanned and linked to weigh data at each weighing.


Our unique online database records weigh data, animal health and any administered treatments. This is a vital tool for farmers, with the online dashboard and performance reporting able to target the whole mob or an individual animal. This exceptional functionality allows us to quickly identify under-performing stock and rapidly put in place corrective action plans. The database is powered by FarmIQ, an information hub and analysis tool that permanently stores and reports animal data.


Our operations team is responsible for monitoring the feeding and growth rates for stock that have been sent for grazing. Our programme also provides the following key services to ensure simplicity of planning, flexibility of service and, most importantly, your ongoing peace of mind. 

  • Consistent quality replacement animals
  • Monthly progress payments to spread costs
  • Transport arranged as required
  • All appropriate vaccinations
  • Service bulls supplied as required
  • Pregnancy testing as required