About GrazCare

A focused eye today for the
finest success tomorrow.
Our story.

We provide New Zealand with monitored grazing on specialist grazier’s properties for cattle, sheep and other livestock. Here your livestock will receive expert oversight, ensuring they are in the best of health.

Be it younger animals during critical growth phases or older stock maintaining weight over winter, thanks to our work you can be assured diligent monitoring and focused care will provide peak weight and productivity.

Our History

Back in 1996 New Zealand’s farming industry was beginning to recognise the cost of poorly developed young stock from poor grazing. GrazCare was formed to ensure Kiwi farmers could call on the right expertise and raise their productivity standards as they raised their stock.

From early beginnings testing the service the company expanded to cover the North and South Islands in 2015. Our focus has been to develop a team of successful graziers – those who understand the special needs of growing young stock and can consistently provide the most focused care to meet these needs.

With staff now based throughout New Zealand, we have the resources to put ideas into action no matter where our clients may be. Dedicated, experienced and passionate about their work, our company has grown from a two-man band to a sizeable team.


The Team

Bryan 1 MurrayG 1
Bryan 1

Bryan Aldridge

Operations Manager – North Island

For thirteen years our Operations Manager has been hard at work with GrazCare’s long-term planning and daily processes.

With an unwavering commitment to accurate recording, consistent delivery and integrity in all facets of his work Bryan has been instrumental in developing and maintaining strong relationships with our clients and suppliers.

His career background undoubtedly provided a strong foundation for this work. Military service in the late 1970s and early 80s was followed by work on beef and sheep farms in South Africa for a decade. Managing a thriving sugar cane plantation for 12 years provided further skills.

Bryan understands every week provides a new challenge – and that overcoming these challenges to help farmers reach their goals requires sheer hard work. He stays busy in time away from work too, be it out on his bike, in at the gym or enjoying precious time spent with family and friends.

MurrayG 1

Murray Gill

Operations Manager

Based out of our Timaru clinic in South Canterbury, Murray provides an experienced overview and well-honed support network for the greater region.

While only at GrazCare for a short time he has a huge wealth of experience to draw from. 30 years employment in the livestock industry has delivered the necessary skill and acumen. Working in VetEnt, our parent group, over the last two years as a TB tester has provided the insight and understanding of the standards we set – and the means by which we achieve them.

Murray now enjoys his work achieving these standards, playing a major role in improving our client’s livestock growth and subsequent reproductive performance. Here the variation of work and quality of operation is a big drawcard. “No two days are the same, and you’re meeting and working with great people,” he says.

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