Our History

Back in 1996 New Zealand’s farming industry was beginning to recognise the cost of poorly developed young stock from poor grazing. GrazCare was formed to ensure Kiwi farmers could call on the right expertise and raise their productivity standards as they raised their stock.

From early beginnings testing the service the company expanded to cover the North and South Islands in 2015. Our focus has been to develop a team of successful graziers – those who understand the special needs of growing young stock and can consistently provide the most focused care to meet these needs.

With staff now based throughout New Zealand, we have the resources to put ideas into action no matter where our clients may be. Dedicated, experienced and passionate about their work, our company has grown from a two-man band to a sizable team.

This team is backed by the wider network of VetEnt – and the considerable expertise the vets, technicians and other associated professionals within this group provide to New Zealand farmers is a huge strength to the company.