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How we ensure your stock standards
are more than stock standard.

There are important times in the lifecycle the New Zealand livestock where it can be ‘make or break’.

With all the different variables at play during these times keeping your livestock monitored carefully and growing healthily can be challenging. Our services have been carefully developed to ensure your stock receives the right care at the right time.

Weaner and Heifer Grazing

GrazCare gives farmers the peace of mind that their stock are being maintained correctly. Our commitment is to send you home animals who have a greater chance of achieving their lifetime production and profitability potential. Our operations team is responsible for monitoring the feeding and growth rates for all stock placed into the GrazCare programme.

We are focused on delivering quantifiable results, and our entire system is set up to reflect this mindset. Graziers are paid according to strict performance targets. Growth rates are monitored on a regular basis and reports after each weighing are provided to the grazier.

There are two separate schemes. One is for weaners up until the 1st of May, the other is for heifers from 1st May until 30th April, when they are returned to the farms. 

Winter Cow Grazing

While a small amount of winter cow grazing is contracted by fixed rate contracts the largest percentage is covered by the sale and purchase of crops and supplement by kilograms of dry matter.

This gives the purchaser control of feed intakes, with either the vendor or the purchaser moving the cows daily. For farmers who are not within reasonable distance of where the cows are grazing GrazCare can oversee the grazing for you.

Beef Grazing

Beef grazing is usually contracted by a weight-gain contract as returns are related to a weight at the end of the contract. Short-term fixed-rate grazing options are also available.

To find out more about these processes get in touch with a specialist from our team.