We provide monitored grazing to New Zealand farmers on specialist grazier’s properties for cattle, sheep and other livestock. With this expert analysis and experienced care you’ll enjoy complete peace of mind during this vital stage. Your livestock will return in the best of health, ready to deliver the greatest of gains.

Raising standards with grazing specialists

Your stock will progress through key stages of lifecycle development – times where extra attention and expertise can be the difference between make or break. Discover how our programme will make the difference.

Many happy returns

With expert monitoring and care we ensure your stock gains weight at crucial times – and you gain greater productivity and profitability every time. Find out how here.

The team

Thanks to the wide-ranging experience and dedication of our people clients enjoy a level of service that is second to none. Introducing the GrazCare team.

Our work in their words

Find out how the GrazCare service has provided stellar results for New Zealand farmers here.