The Network

GrazCare is backed by the VetEnt network of farm and veterinary services.

VetEnt operates from 22 vet clinics throughout the country, around the clock.  This complete coverage of client needs ensures a reliable and experienced professional is always ready, willing and able when the need arises.

With the combined knowledge within this network the sharing of advice and specialist expertise provides our clients with a support network that is both effectively comprehensive and efficiently targeted. This is particularly helpful for the business sections that work within the VetEnt group.

In conjunction with FarmCare our GrazCare service ensures that it uses the most appropriate and proven products in its animal health programmes.  All products are assessed by a panel of technical experts so that we offer proven and reliable treatments for animals under our care.  FarmCare also offers the StockCare and PureMilk services. Each FarmCare and GrazCare service has been developed to ensure New Zealand farmers can now receive the absolute best service – the right focus, appropriate tools, attentive care and best course of action for their unique situation.

Our holistic approach to overall farm management ensures no detail is missed and no productivity gain lost.